Hello, My name is Kenechukwu Atuchukwu, but most people call me Kaycee. I am a junior at University of Texas at Dallas. I am majoring in Mathematics, earning a Bachelor’s degree. I am also in the Uteach program  in order to receive a Teaching certificate. The program is preparing me to go into the educational field as a teacher in the subject I am majoring.

One reason I am making this blog is because it seemed appropriate as I will need to communicate to a as a soon to be teacher, I feel that communication is an important part of being a teacher. There are many obstacles for a teacher to communicate with a class. One of them is a student being deaf, or having hearing problems. It would take about 6 years or longer to learn sign language. To learn some vocabulary words would take about 6 months. (Easy Sign Language Lessons) A teacher, or anyone else, would benefit with at least learning some words and phrases in order to help more in breaking boundaries of communication.

Another reason I am doing this blog is simply I am curious on the subject. I have see sign language being used on different occasions. I would like to experience learning some bit of the language and also experience another different culture.

This blog will not be a substitute for a full course lesson on sign language. This will have instructions on how to “say” words and phrases in sign language and also learn more about sign language. I hope to learn about the unique language with all of you.

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  • Deborah  On April 3, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    Hello Kaycee,
    Your blog is a definite resource tool to help develop skills in sign language!

    Although you state your blog “will not substitute for a full course lesson,” it is especially useful to people who don’t want to or don’t have the time to take an on-site class, but they still want to learn another form of communication. The images and the text guides are clear and easy to understand-not intimidating to a novice. It’s all about helping others.

    My church has a seating section for people who are hearing impaired; I often watch the people who perform the signs, and they seem so proficient. Also, when my son was in school, he learned a few words and phrases to help him communicate, so I learned a few too.

    Thank you for your blog. I will return!!

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