Simple Sign Language: Introduction Responses

Now we will look at the responses for the introductory phrases. This phrases could be for answering a question or replying what someone has done.


Simply finger-spell the letter “O” and “K”


Thank You

Place your right fingertips against your mouth and move it forward



Rub your chest in a circular motion.


You’re Welcome

Place your right fingertips  against your mouth move it forward in an arc.



My: Tap your chest with your right hand.

Name: Finger spell “H” with both hands. Place middle finger of your right “H” across your index finger left “H”.

Is: Place your right little finger against your chin and move it forward.

[Name]: Finger spell your name.

(Images and Information from The Art of Sign Language Phrases by Christopher Brown)

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  • Amanda J.  On March 31, 2011 at 2:56 am

    Hi Kaycee!

    I love all the pictures showing the sign language phrases. Of course, that’s the main way to explain them!

    I would really like to see you do some phrases, too! It would make your audience feel closer to you as the author, because they’re reading your writing and seeing your motions as well.

    Also, it would be really neat to find someone who uses sign language. Then you could ask them what phrases they use most, and other questions. I had a deaf student in my class last semester, and he had two people who did sign language for him so he knew what the teacher said. So I bet you could talk to the Disability Services here at UTD and ask to talk to the interpreters.

    I can’t wait to see more of your posts! I like learning these phrases too – I’m going to try some on my friends! 🙂


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