Simple Sign Language-Interview #1

Last week, I managed to have an interview with a classmate named Chad who is in my teaching class. He is hearing impaired and able to read and use sign language.

Me: So, How long did it take you to learn sign language?

Chad: I have been learning since I was 2 or 3 years old and it takes awhile to learn it.

Me: How has sign language helped you in everyday life?

Chad: Sign Language helped me understand what people are talking about. Sign language is a communication between the deaf world and the hearing world.

Me: For you, what is the most hardest word or phrase to sign?

Chad: At first it was big words, but now it is words or phrases that has many different meanings. For example, one sign for 2 or 3 different words.

Me: What would your advice be for people who want to learn sign language?

Chad: My advice is to take time to study and memorize. Practice daily, and find a deaf or hearing-impaired person and practice with them and they will help you and give you feedback.

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