Simple Sign Language-Interview #2

Yesterday, I interviewed a young man named Diddy. Though he is not at all savvy on the subject, I was interested to hear his opinion about sign language.

Me: Do you know anyone who has hearing parking?

Diddy: I do not know anyone who has hearing problems.

Me: What do you think when you hear about sign language?

Diddy: I think of uncomfortable positions you have to put your hands in.

Me: What do you know about sign language?

Diddy: I know the mute use it as a way to communicate.

Me: Do you think that sign language is a foreign language, like Spanish?

Diddy: Yes, I think ancient natives may have used it during ceremonies.

Me: If given the chance, would you want to learn sign language?

Diddy: Yes, it is not a bad thing to know another language.

From the interview, I can see that Diddy has some misconceptions about sign languages, but he seems interested in learning more about them.

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